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“I am a student at Bucharest University of Economic Studies. I am Chinese. I lost my first admission because the agent in charge of my admission failed after deferring the admission three times. My immigration breakthrough came the day I trusted Visa Fan to help me with my traveling process. Thank you for all you have done Visa Fan.”

"If you find yourself in the state of an emergency and you urgently need to travel out of Thailand with the help of an agent that could work out a miracle within a short period, then Visa Fan Immigration Consultant is all you need. They saved me from the horrible traveling situation I got myself. They can save you too."

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“Studying in the United Kingdom has been my dream since childhood. I wanted the United Kingdom university experience, but I don’t even know how to go about the student visa process. I consulted Visa Fan for help. This is my second year here in the UK as a university student. Visa Fan did the magic I can’t explain with a considerable amount of money.”

Essex lorry deaths: People found dead were all Vietnamese

The victims were found in a container on an industrial estate last week and were initially thought to be Chinese.

More foreign workers might be accepted if needed, Romanian labour minister says.

The contingent of foreign workers in Romania will increase if companies from the private sector ask for it, labour minister Marius Budai said on April 12 in Botoşani, local Agerpres reported.

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