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VisaFan gives you tailor made visa service, for the perfect fit. We process all types of visas for Canada:-

 Visitor / eTA Visa

Visitor visa for a holiday, business or a short stay & airport transit visas

Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) to visit or transit through Canada

You can travel to Canada only if you are exempt from the travel restrictions and are coming for an essential purpose.

TRV Visa

Temporary Resident Visa- TRV  gives you a long stay visa to stay in Canada. VisaFan is there to assist you with your application for Temporary Resident Visa for Canada (IMM5257)

Work in Canada

Extend your visa to work in canada with a valid / approved work permit extension. An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada. An employer-specific work permit allows you to work according to the conditions on your work permit. IMM 1295.

Study in Canada

Long-term study visas required study permit and approval from schools or institutions. VisaFan process your Student Direct Stream (SDS) applications and IMM 1294. You may also require to provide biometrics on request. 

Super Visa

Parent and grandparent super visa that lets you stay with family in Canada for up to 2 years at a time. Immigration request info about you and the person who invites you with proof of family income and financial support.

Other assistance

Get legal advice on immigration

➤ Temporary Resident (IMM 5708)
➤ Permanent Resident Card
➤ Citizenship Certificate

➤ Adoptee’s Application
➤ Re-apply for the visa

The Canada Visa is a straightforward visa application giving you the ability to visit Canada for a period of up to 6 months depending on the purposes of visit. Typically, the visit visa is issued in 27 days after submission.

Basic requirements to get a canada visa:
➤ have a valid travel document, like a passport
➤ be in good health
➤ have no criminal or immigration-related convictions
➤ convince an immigration officer that you have ties—such as a job, home, financial assets or family—that will take you back to your home country
➤ convince an immigration officer that you will leave Canada at the end of your visit
➤ have enough money for your stay
➤ The amount of money you will need depends on how long you will stay and if you will stay in a hotel, or with friends or relatives.
➤ You may also need a medical exam and letter of invitation from someone who lives in Canada.

Note: At this time due to COVID-19, all travellers, regardless of vaccination status, must follow entry restrictions, testing or quarantine (including the 3-night hotel stopover).

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