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Discover limitless opportunities of business visa to Schengen

Schengen Business Visa or C04 Business Visa is a type of the Schengen Visa. Do not confuse a Business Visa to Schengen with a Work Visa! The Schengen business visa allows you to travel to Schengen and other European countries, but still, it does not give the right to work or study.

Schengen Business Visa is explicitly designed for those who plan a business visit to the country with the aim of establishing business contacts, develop cooperation with Schengen companies, solving issues related to joint business, participation in business conferences and negotiations with foreign partners.


The minimum duration for a single-entry visa is from 5 to 10 days. If you have a new “clean” passport, most likely the first visa will be issued for 10/30 or 30/90 (maximum stay in the Schengen area is 10/30 days during 3 months period).
The maximum duration of the Schengen business visa is 360/90 + 90 (maximum stay in the Schengen area is 90 days every six months, 180 total per year).
The visas can be issued either as single, double or multiple entry visas. The double or multiple entry visas can only be granted for frequent travelers (for example businessman with previous Schengen visas).


  • Free travel between the 26 Schengen countries

  • Simplified submission procedure

  • Fast processing

  • Possible extension

To apply for a business visa to Schengen, the applicant must submit a business invitation from Schengen partners to prove the business purpose of the trip. The business invitation should mention establishing contacts with partners (business meetings, negotiations, signing contracts, purchasing goods and services), opening a business, developing business ties or relations with companies or partners.

KEEP IN MIND – If you are not officially employed or registered as a businessman, there is no chance to get a business visa even if you have an invitation letter.

In case if an applicant is an employee, he must submit an official letter from the employer explaining and confirming the business purpose of the trip.
If you want to develop business cooperation with Schengen and European partners, but you do not know where to start and how to find partners, – we have a solution for you. We have a list of partners who will gladly issue an official invitation to confirm the business purpose of your trip.




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